Equine Digital Ultrasound

At Renewed Animal Wellness, we have three different ultrasound probes to serve a variety of services in our reproduction and sports medicine departments.

The use of the digital ultrasound for reproduction allows us to monitor individual mares’ progressions through their estrus cycle to determine the opportune moment for breeding. Following insemination, we will sequentially ultrasound to monitor the progress of the pregnancy to help ensure a healthy mare and foal.

In our sports medicine department, the ultrasound is used primarily used to evaluate soft tissues of the legs such as tendons and ligaments. Additionally, it can be used to view the surface of bones and joint to investigate subtle bony abnormalities that may not be able to be visualized on radiographs (x-rays). Ultrasound guidance is also used for injections of deeper joints, such as the joints of the neck and the sacro-iliac joint space in the pelvis.