Canine Chiropractic

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation

Animal spinal manipulation is an area of animal healthcare that is rising in popularity due to the positive effects on the preservation and health of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. Nerves control everything that happens in the entire body. Anything that adversely affects the nervous system will have detrimental effects that echo through the entire body. The main command centers for the nervous system are the brain and spinal cord. The spinal cord is protected by the spine, which is composed of a complex arrangement of bones, ligaments, and muscles. If the movement and biomechanics of the spine become dysfunctional, this interferes with the normal performance of the nerves branching off the spinal cord. As this occurs, normal spinal mobility is lost and can result in stiffness, tension, and pain. It may take a trained doctor to distinguish some of the subtle abnormalities occurring in response to abnormalities or impingement of the nerves that branch off the spinal cord. The goal of spinal manipulation is to restore the function and mobility of the musculoskeletal system in an attempt to re-establish normal neurologic transmissions.

Spinal manipulation or animal chiropractic are not designed to replace traditional veterinary care. It is an integrative method that is used in combination with traditional veterinary medicine to provide years of happiness, health, and wellness. This modality offers a non-surgical, drug-free option for correcting bone, disc, and soft tissue disorders related to improper spinal configuration and movement.

This modality is not limited to only injured or sick animals. Healthy and athletic animals are ideal candidates for chiropractic examination and care. Maintaining proper alignment permits optimal function of the muscles, nerves, and tissues supporting the joints. This alignment promotes increased agility, endurance, and overall performance.

Dr. Shawn Dolan is a graduate of Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic in Wellsville, KS and certified by the IVCA. Our spinal manipulation services are offered for both equine and canine patients.  Contact us here.

“Dr. Dolan is a miracle worker.  I highly recommend her.” Ingrid