cropped-20161103_180458.jpgCheff and Eastfork have been loyal clients of Dr. Dolan for well over a decade.  In that time, she has provided comprehensive and compassionate care for the combined herds- usually totaling about 40 equines.  Over the course of her time as our veterinarian, she has been with us in the best and worst of times and always gone above and beyond the role of practitioner.

Routine vet and dental care along with near magic chiropractic and acupuncture treatments provided by Dr. Dolan have made successes in and out of the show pen possible.  The whole body approach has improved competition performances and exponentially increased quality of life and longevity in our therapy and lesson horses.  Her level of compassion and commitment has shone the brightest as she’s stood side by side with us in stressful emergency situations, making difficult decisions easier, and also when she’s grieved with us as we’ve said goodbye to some of our closest friends.

We’ve loved watching the practice grow and have been thrilled with the addition of Dr. Wright who is also incredibly skilled and personable.  If you are looking for a whole body approach to animal wellness that includes OUTSTANDING chiropractic and acupuncture options, look no further than Renewed Animal Wellness!


My competition obedience dog, Spencer, a miniature poodle, has seen Dr Dolan for several years for routine chiropractic care.  About two years ago, he developed severe neck pain due to a pinched nerve, and Dr Dolan made time to see him emergently, and was instrumental in relieving his pain and then keeping him well.    She used pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and acupuncture along with chiropractic assessment and treatment.  She set us up with the Assisi Loop for magnetic therapy that I could use at home with him.  He has also been seen by a rehab veterinarian and rehab therapist several times, for diagnosis and rehab treatment planning.  All this allowed us to continue to compete at high level obedience for another 18 months with ongoing assessment and pain prevention by Dr Dolan.    I think Dr Dolan is Spencer’s very favorite person, and she is very good with him.  My new puppy has already had a visit or two to see her, and I anticipate that she will be helping me keep him healthy for many years, also.

Janet, Grand Rapids, MI

In January of 2016 our lab Roscoe was playing with our other lab Max. Somehow Roscoe ruptured 2 discs in his neck and was paralyzed. We took Roscoe to a specialist in Ann Arbor for surgery. 3 weeks after surgery the surgeon told us that if Roscoe is not walking by now he would not walk again. He said we should consider his quality of life and consider putting him down. I was not ready to give on Roscoe. We took him home and with the help of our vet we managed Roscoe’s pain and tried to do some physical therapy. Roscoe had a large open wound on the one of his forelegs. This wound was very slow to heal due to the steroids Roscoe was on. Because of the wound he was unable to do water therapy. Roscoe is 100 pounds. It was quite hard for me to try to get him to walk on my own. Someone suggested that perhaps we should try acupuncture.I was skeptical. I asked my vet and he gave me Dr Dolan’s number. We started acupuncture. Roscoe loved Shawn. He would get so excited he would squirm around and the needles would pop out. Slowly Roscoe started to get feeling back and move around more and more. His open wound healed enough to try the water therapy. Roscoe hated every minute he was at the place, refused to do anything for them. But he would attempt to walk into Dr. Dolans. After a few months of acupuncture and physical therapy Roscoe started carrying most of his weight and could take a few steps on his own. July 5thRoscoe stood up and walked 25 steps out of the house on his own. Today he can do just about anything he could do before his accident. It took 6 months longer than the surgeon thought but Roscoe can walk again. We can not thank Dr. Dolan enough for all of the help in Roscoe’s recovery.

Damon & Kerri

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this progressive vet practice. I have had some complicated issues with a couple of my horses (one 39 yrs old) and Dr. Dolan’s approach was very holistic, offering options that weren’t available elsewhere. They have a solid background in traditional medicine but also offer alternative health options. These vets actually listen and look for answers rather than “we’ve always done it this way”. That approach is very hard to find.

Great open minded, and compassionate care.


I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Dolan to help several senior age dogs.  The chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese herb and magnetic therapies she lovingly administers has given them all a better quality of life.  Their pain levels are reduced and mobility increased – and they enjoy every minute of their treatments.  Some people call this “alternative medicine”, but I’ve been through enough “traditional” veterinary care that the holistic approach is now my first choice.  I feel very fortunate to have found this practice and recommend them often.


My first experience with Dr. Dolan and Dr. Wright was amazing. I was referred to them from another long standing satisfied client of theirs. 

My 4 year old Arab gelding was showing small signs of something possibly neurological. Called the clinic and both Dr. Dolan and Dr. Wright came out straight way.  After looking him over they decided that we might be showing the beginning stages of EPM.  They prescribed meds the same day and they got my boy on his way to recovery. I absolutely love that they even texted that Sunday to check on him. Their day off and yet they were kind enough to show compassion and reminded me that if I needed anything that they were there. He remained in treatment for several months. 
After several more rechecks out to the farm and videos I would take to have them review his progress, I am happy to say my gelding has completely recovered and is happy and healthy!! 

I would highly recommend these two amazing, kind hearted people to anyone!!  Top notch care!!Thanks for everything 


I am very thankful and fortunate with the way Shawn helped me with the hardest decision of putting down my first horse…She explained everything that was going to be happening and even said a very thoughtful and loving prayer before the process.  I couldn’t thank her enough…you are an amazing team, and I would recommend you to any horse owners.