Equine Herbs & Supplements

Herbal Medicine

For thousands of years, herbs and plants have been used for medicinal purposes all over the world. Modern pharmaceuticals evolved from herbal medicine, but today’s medications are typically the result of isolated compounds. In herbal medicine, it is believed that whole plants are able to provide a broad spectrum of desirable effects.

It is important to recognize that herbals should be treated as medications, and not dietary supplements. Herbals should be used only under the guidance of a knowledgeable medical professional.

At Renewed Animal Wellness, our veterinarians use Dr. Xie’s Jing Tang Herbal based in Reddick, FL. These herbals are manufactured under strict regulations and standards.


There are a wide variety of joint therapies offered within veterinary medicine. Please discuss with our veterinarians about the best options for your horse based on the cause, duration, and severity of his or her joint problems. We offer the following products:

  • Oral Joint Supplements
    • Essentially all oral supplements contain the same building blocks of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. There are numerous companies and products on the market that add additional ingredients. Since all of these ingredients are considered nutraceuticals, none are regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).
    • Oral joint supplements are available in a variety of forms. Including powder, pellet, and cookie form. Our veterinarians will be happy to discuss the products that they recommend based on their experiences.
  • Intramuscular Injection
    • Adequan IM
    • Glucosamine IM
    • Pentosan IM
  • Intravenous Injection (Equine patients only)
    • Legend IV
  • Intra-articular Injection (Equine patients only)
    • Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
    • PSGAGs
    • Corticosteroids

At Renewed Animal Wellness, we have offer different levels of medications used for joint therapy. We will work with you and your performance goals in order to tailor the best treatment for your equine or canine partner.  We carry Standard Process and Majesty All Natural Supplements.  For more information on our offered medications and pricing, please contact us.